Evil In Eden


Please take a moment to read the story linked above.  I will give a brief summary here.  

A couple from Eden, NC was arrested in connection to the death of their 17 month old daughter named Toni.  The following is excerpted from the report:

The warrant for Antonio Gwynn said that he restrained the toddler in a car seat for more than 15 hours without food or water.

After 12 hours, he pushed a blanket into the mouth of Toni Gwynn “in order to stop child from crying and thus restricted the airway causing the child’s death,” according to the arrest warrant.

This story makes me sick to my stomach!  As a parent of three myself with one of them being an infant, I cannot fathom how any person could do this to a defenseless child!  Evil is the only word that fits this crime, but even that word is not harsh enough.

I do not want to comment on the parents’ guilt or innocence.  Remember, they are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.   Some facts gathered from the report and arrest warrant are:

1.  A 17 month old child died.

2.  The child (Toni) was strapped in a car seat for an estimated period of 15 hours.

3.  The child is believed to have died of asphyxiation from a blanket being pushed into her mouth.

These facts are just based upon this one report.  I have not seen the evidence myself nor talked to witnesses.  So, I do not claim to know these facts as proof beyond a reasonable doubt about the incident.  But let’s go with them for the sake of this article since a magistrate saw enough probable cause to issue arrest warrants.

Now, I want to give you two hypothetical scenarios.  Each one will have questions that I want you to answer honestly.  Remember your answers and do not read ahead (I know!  Telling some of you not to read ahead has caused you to skip to the end already!).  If you cannot answer the same way to the last set of questions as the first, you are being intellectually dishonest.

1.  Suppose there was a third person involved in this incident.  This person knew the child was being held hostage in a car seat.  This person was also in the room with the child.  He or she was watching as the child suffered.  Not only that, but this person had the ability and power to stop the this incident.  Would you think this person should be held morally accountable?  Would you consider him or her to be a good person?  Would you believe this person loved the child?

2.  Suppose a cop is walking his beat.  He passes a building and turns down a dark alley.  He begins to hear the sound of a woman in distress.  She is yelling for help.  The cop shines his flashlight around and discovers that a man is raping this woman in the alley.  The cop runs up close to the incident and stops.  He tells the woman, “I am here for you.  I will protect you.”  Then he just stands there.  He knows what is happening.  He is present at the incident.  He has the power to stop it.  The rapist finishes his evil deed and flees the scene.  The cop does not give chase.  The cop tells the woman, ” See, I told you I would protect you.  I love you.”  She screams, “You didn’t do anything!  Why didn’t you stop him?”  The cop replies, “I could not violate his free will.”  Would you say this was a good cop?  How would you feel if somebody told you, “You should be thankful to the cop that you made it out alive”?  Did this cop protect her?

I think I know how any reasonable and moral person would answer these questions.  Yet, the Christian God falls into the category of the cop and supposed third person of our scenarios.  According to Christian theology, God is omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful), omnipresent (all places), and omnibenevolent (all good).  Then it follows that God was at the house in Eden, NC as this infant was being tortured and suffocated.  He knew that it was happening.  He had the power to stop it.  And since He is all-good, He should want to stop it.  Yet, He did nothing.  Christians, should God be held morally accountable?  Do you still consider Him good?  Did He love her?  There is no difference in God being there and this hypothetical third person.  So, if you answer differently, you have to explain why.  I don’t want you to try to answer these questions to me, but answer truthfully to yourself.

Consider the second scenario.  Even though it is an imaginary scenario, God could be equated with this cop for every rape that has occurred.  Why would a rape victim be told to pray to the person that was present when the incident transpired, but did not do anything?

I know a lot of you are probably upset or saddened to read these challenging questions from me.  These are issues I have struggled with for years.  I used to make excuses and try to make it all work because I wanted to believe.  Finally, I realized that I was not being honest, and my arguments fell short.  I do not imagine that I have changed anyone’s mind with this article, but I hope it will challenge you.  


P.S.  I know many of you are probably wanting to bring up the argument of free will.  That God gave humans the ability to choose and God cannot or will not violate man’s free will.  I think this argument fails on many fronts.  I will deal with this argument in my next blog post.



16 thoughts on “Evil In Eden

  1. Great questions! And I know my answers. God was not with me while “His Man” sexually abused and brainwashed me, nor did he help me overcome it. I’m not saying He’s not real, but I don’t believe He hears us, helps us, or walks with us. Sadly, we are on our own. May little Toni and all the children like her rest in peace- wherever that resting place may be.

  2. Food for thought. God hurts with us but does not intervene because ultimately the stuff that happens here to our bodies will not matter. This life is so short and is only a blink of the eye to Him. We were not made for Earth. His promise is to take us home. When we pass we will find that the stuff that was here and that we thought meant so much wasn’t that important at all to the big picture. The things that matter will be our thoughts, feelings, who we were inside, and how we treated others. Bad news for those whose their free will to harm others. They will pay dearly. In Toni’s case I believe that death and being forever in God’s arms would be a better life than one with parents who do things like that. Sometimes the protection is the passing on.

    • Crystal, I appreciate your input, but I do not think you believe what you’re saying. First, you contradict yourself. You say that God doesn’t intervene because what happens here to our bodies doesn’t matter. Then you say our thoughts, feelings, what we are on the inside, and how we treat others is what matters. Those are things that happen here and in our bodies. I have a question….If God didn’t make us for this earth and what happens here doesn’t matter, why have earth at all?

  3. What about the children who are abused and tortured for years and years and then grow up suffering from the long term effects? The ones who don’t get the “protection of death”? I believe they would argue with God, and say that this life is not so short.

    • Passing on isn’t for every one who is hurt but it might be for those that pass. For people who struggle and suffer for any ailment this life feels like forever but in reality forever is a long time and 60-80 years isn’t that long at all and in many cases people do not feel that it was nearly long enough to do all they wanted to do. It is ok if those people argue with God, He is strong enough to take our anger and lashing out. Everyone goes through those times (me included). I spent many times thinking that I would have been better off dead and so would those around me if I had passed. In reality, that isn’t true. I have more things to learn and do. If everything is all bad and there are no lessons to learn or pass on, then what is this life for?

  4. Toni had two siblings… what made her the “chosen” one to die and be in God’s arms? Was there not a more suitable answer than torture and death?

  5. Richard,

    This indeed is a tragedy. No one wins in these situations. Not the man or woman or child or the Lord. I want to answer your questions with a question myself. When you can honestly answer my question I will answer your two. There are two families on a country road. One tries to help others do right and works for every thing they have across the street is a lazy man and his family. They lie steal have run In, so with the law rob houses and take from others. One day a storm comes along that produces a very large wedge tornado. (for sake of argument let’s say ef4 on the scale). It tares down the country road and completely destroys the home of the family that lives right. Across the street not even a shingle is blow off the roof. Now, answer why this happen?

    • There are reasons or factors which cause tornadoes. Such as low level moisture, wind speed, direction, and temperature. I am no expert on that subject, but I know these and other factors are the reason for the occurrence of tornadoes. If you’re trying to ask why the tornado destroyed one house over the other, I would say there is no reason. At least not in the sense of the tornado choosing which house to destroy. A tornado is not a conscious being. Based on the factors mentioned above a tornado travels whatever path it follows. Just like lightning follows the path of least resistance. It doesn’t decide where it will strike.

  6. I don’t know all the answers. I do think that most suffering is a result of man’s sin. Maybe He’s letting us see the consequences of sin in this world that is currently controlled by Satan. Maybe He’s using “Tough Love”. I know in my own life I suffered at the hands of others during my childhood, but after that, I can blame no one but myself and my own choices. I just don’t know why things happen the way they do in a lot of circumstances. Without belief in a beautiful ending to all this misery, I would be most wretched.


    • I think your desire to believe is stronger than your desire to know. Religion makes people think they cannot have peace, comfort, and purpose without a deity. This is a false claim. I understand that people want to believe and it gives them some form of comfort. To me, it is more comforting to deal with reality. Sometimes bad people do bad things. I can deal with that, but trying to rationalize a loving god into it doesn’t work. Which is better…Saying that an evil man with sick sexual deviances raped a woman. He needs to be punished and figure out why he did it. Or saying there is a god who loves this woman and this rape is all a part of his plan?

      • Yes, I prefer to believe that our life here on earth is not the end of things. I see evidence of a supreme creator. I don’t think that evil is part of God’s plan. That is Satan’s plan. That’s why we need a Redeemer. I think that in this earth age, God is leaving us to our own devices to learn the hard lesson of the results of sin. In the end, it is our decision to choose God’s way of life or Satan’s way of death. I choose life. I also choose to have faith that one day God will answer all of my questions. At this point I am still searching and studying to learn truth. I trust no man to tell me what life is all about and what God is all about. If you can come up with a better explanation of why we are here, how we got here, and what the purpose of life is, I am willing to listen and ponder.

  7. I’d like to ask your favor @ not calling that description of GOD as (the) CHRISTian GOD. That is (an) armenian version of HIM. Next, I feel your confusive inquisitions. I’ve had them to. If you really want to go into the MEAT OF SCRIPTURE, consider PS 105:25, ROMANS 9 and others. What I want to request of you is for this to make you humble and fearful not arrogant and prideful. Because if HE WITNESSED that and did nothing…HE’LL ALSO SEND you to hell. Redeem this time in dilligent search of being in Obedience & in Dilligent search of HIS WORD w Humility. Trying to disprove it because you have finite understanding is not the path to travel. Rebellion is not the correct direction of travel. Amen

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog.

      First, I have been in the MEAT OF SCRIPTURE before. I discovered it is sour meat! I am a former Christian (I know there are no former Christians according to your theology). I was never a Calvinist, but I have studied Calvinism and understand it.

      Second, I do not fear hell. Threaten me with hell if you like, but it does no good. Been there done that. You have no proof to offer that hell actually exists.

      Third, I do not hold the Bible as an authority. So, quoting Bible verses has no effect. Would it bother if I quoted verses from the Quaran or Book of Mormon?

      Last, How do you know so much about a God that is beyond our finite understanding?

  8. Woman, you gone burn in the fires ofd HELL for doubting your Maker. Get behind thee ole satan filled whore slut bitch of Hitler shit pile

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