Freedom of Thought

I read a lot of articles about freedom.  Most people think about freedom as free from the restraints and coercion of government.  While governments do their best to take our freedom, we limit our own freedom in many ways.  Debt can be extremely limiting to your freedom.

Let us consider the freedom of thought.  Do you feel free to think about issues your way?  Will you allow yourself to read the arguments of those with opposing views?   Are you free to question what you have always been taught?  Do you challenge the status quo?  Remember, errors continue when they are not challenged.  Answer these questions honestly.  If you answered “No.” to any one of these then you are not free in your mind.  Mental shackles usually hold us longer than physical ones.

Let me give you a little of my background.  I was raised in an Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) church.  IFB churches are notorious for forcing you to see life through their tainted lenses.  You are expected to accept whatever the pastor teaches without question.  If you do question anything, you are considered “backslidden” or  rebellious.  For many years I went along to get along.  I had questions, but I pushed them to the back of my mind. I convinced myself the “devil” was making me doubt.  I surrendered to preach, and even attended bible college for two years.

Through a long process of events (that I will not go into now), the questions came back and accompanied by more.  I continued to put on a front and preach anyway.  Finally I realized that I was nothing more than an impostor.  I was basically an actor that would put on a performance and repeat rehearsed lines.  I was doing this to maintain an image for others.  Recently I have gotten to the point that I cannot put on the show anymore.  I am no longer preaching and have no desire to be in full-time ministry.  I am no longer associated with the IFB and actively expose it as often as possible.  This may shock some of you or some may have expected it.  I have to be true to myself and my family.

Now, I have such freedom of thought.  I ask questions that aren’t supposed to be asked.  I challenge premises.  I read as much as I can.  I do not feel bound to believe things because I am told it is true.  I am not ashamed to say I do not have all the answers.  I can say, “I don’t know.”

I challenge you to “think outside the box” (if I can use a cliche’).  Question everything.  Do not let a man behind a pulpit tell you what to think!   Allow logic and reason to guide you.  Cast off the chains within your mind and enjoy freedom!


One thought on “Freedom of Thought

  1. Richard just for the record. You were by far no Impostor or actor. I”ve seen and heard you preach. You put forth your heart and soul into it.You may have thought you were reading repeated and rehearsed lines but i felt the love and Truth you tried to put in it.I too know what kind of person you are: (1) The love you have for your family and friends. (2) Excellant father to your kids. (3)The LOVE and RESPECT you show your wife everyday. (4)choosing to become a Police officer, putting you life on the line everyday (by the way thank you.) I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here don’t want to swell your head! Ha! Ha! I understand fully and exactly what you have said here. I’m with you 100%. You know in your heart what it’s about. If this is your choice I stand behind you. Be your OWN man.No matter what anyone says: You do as you feel best! At least you are honest not hiding anything.I want you to know I’m SO PROUD to call you my Son-in-law. You are a very wise man! Hold your Head High! Stand for what you believe in! Some of these process of events, I remember people telling me, Oh i remember that very day now, but I didn’t QUESTION then. Good Advise ” Question everything.” Love you with all my heart, your Mother-in=law Cissy.

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