Hypocrisy in the Homeland

DroneOn Monday April 15, 2013 the Boston Marathon was rocked by explosions at the finish line.  At least three died and hundreds of others were injured.  Throughout this week everyone had lots of questions.  Who did it?  Why did they do it?  Are there plans for more attacks?  Immediately, Police began trying to figure out who was responsible.  Two suspects were developed from video surveillance footage.  Through process of time, the suspects (brothers) were seen and they engaged in a shootout with the Police.  One brother was killed and at least two Police Officers.  The second brother flees the scene and dumps the car a couple blocks away.  Then a massive man hunt begins.  Ultimately the second suspect was found hiding in a boat and after another shootout he was taken into custody.

That was a very brief recap of the events.  I know many details were left out.  There is a question I want to pose….Once the second suspect was located in a boat…why didn’t the President authorize the CIA to use a Predator Drone to send down a missile and kill him?  He does meet all the criteria.  He is a suspected “terrorist” or at least an “enemy combatant” (whatever that means).  I mean the Feds didn’t waste any time declaring him an “enemy combatant” in order to strip him of his fifth and sixth amendment protections to due process.  He was an imminent threat to American citizens.

“Well…” you say, “We couldn’t use a drone missile to kill him.  That would probably kill innocent people.  We can’t do that!”  I agree completely!  “If he is captured alive and questioned then he could be a good source for intelligence.”  I agree completely!  Now, this leads me to some more questions…Why doesn’t the same logic apply to a “terrorist” 10,000 miles away from the US?  Why is it okay to kill innocent people as long as it is in a foreign land?  Are the lives of American citizens more valuable than those of Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan?  Most Americans wouldn’t admit it, but they feel superior to people born in other countries.  There is great hypocrisy on this issue.  This hypocrisy is exhibited by Americans who do not apply the same standards to the government and military as they do everyone else.  If this is not true…then where is the outrage for the thousand of innocent Iraqi’s killed during the American invasion and occupation of that country?  A country that had not attacked the US and did not pose a threat.  A war started based on fabricated intelligence, lies, and utter propaganda!  George W Bush and his cronies should be sitting in Guantanamo Bay for their crimes!  Where is the outrage for the at least 176 children killed by American drone strikes?  I guess those children do not matter because they happened to be born across the world!

I am outraged, disgusted, and saddened by the tragedy that occurred in Boston.  I am equally outraged, disgusted, and saddened by the tragedies that occur in Pakistan, Yeaman,  Afghanistan, and other countries at the hand of our government and president.  It is time for American citizens to realize that we are no more valuable because we were born (something we didn’t have control over) between certain arbitrary lines known as borders.  It is time for Obama to end the drone war and bring all the troops home!  Let us pursue a foreign policy of peace.  However, I am afraid that the event in Boston is going to lead to another US intervention and more death and destruction.


Freedom to Parent


In the above article is the story of the Romeike family.  This family is originally from Germany.  They came under persecution by the German government because they were educating their children themselves at home.  Homeschooling is illegal in Germany.  So, the Romeike’s were facing expensive fines and the threat of having their children taken away.  In 2008 they fled to the United States seeking refuge from this persecution.  In 2010 the Romeike’s were granted political asylum and began their new life here in the “land of the free”.

Well, it looks like America may not be as free as they thought.  The family now faces deportation.  The deportation effort is being led by Attorney General Eric Holder.  It is reported that Holder has said homeschooling is not a fundamental human right.  This statement has stirred up a lot of anger from the homeschooling community.

It may surprise you to know I agree with Holder’s claim, but I think the premise being considered is wrong.  Instead of asking, “Is homeschooling a fundamental human right?” let’s consider, “Does an individual or a group of individuals (i.e. government) have the right to dictate what another individual can peacefully do on his own property?”

First, we must get an understanding of the meaning of a right.  This word is used so often that it doesn’t mean much any more.  Many essays, books, and articles have been written about “rights” by far smarter men than I.  This will be basic.  All rights are property rights.  This starts with the realization that you own yourself and you own your justly acquired property (goods).  Since, I do not own you or your property I have no “right” over them.

The reason I say that asking “Is homeschooling a fundamental human right?” is the wrong premise is because it is essentially the same as asking, “Is playing baseball a fundamental human right?”  Should I have to ask my neighbor whether I can play baseball on my property with my children?  That would be absurd!  Playing baseball is not a “right” and neither is homeschooling.  Now with that being stated, I do not have the right to come onto your property and play baseball against your will nor stop you from playing baseball.

I do not have the right to force you to homeschool your children and I do not have the right to prevent you from homeschooling.  The freedom to homeschool your child is really just the freedom to parent.